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October 2019 - We are currently repopulating our website and adding our stock of over 364 machines

and updating behind the scenes - please call or email for info.


We have 250 Machines to add to our site - please telephone or email for a current stock list


We own what we advertise - many machines still on site for viewing - please call now


October - We are clearing 4 Machine Shops at present - Machinery, Plant and Metal Stock - please call for info


Just Purchased -Esprit Viper 4m x 8m Hypertherm HPR 260 XD  - Amada FO 3015 Laser - LVD 4m x 6mm Guillotine - LVD PPEB 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake - Tauring Alpha 50 H1 Section Rollers - Lorch Welders - Migatronic Welders - PML Punch and Die Grinder - Bode 500kg Positioner - Nosstec Bending Rolls - Harrison Alpha 460 T Lathe - CompAir Compressor - Kemppi Welders - Boschert Corner Notcher - Bode Rotators - Safan E Brake 100 Ton x 3m Press Brake - Bode Seam Welder -  - Amada HFE MK 2 103 Year 2015 - 8 Axis - Esprit Arrow Plasma Year 2014 - Promecam RG 75 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake - Safan VS 3m x 6mm Guillotine - Roundo Bending Rolls - Amada APX 80 - 25 Press Brake - Trumpf Quick Sharp and Tooling 

including Multi Tools and Cabinets - Haco 3m x 6mm Guillotine - Adira 3m x 6mm Guillotine

Amada HFE 170 Ton x 4m Press Brake Year 2010 - LVD Orion 3015 Laser - Pearson 3m x 25mm Guillotine

LVD 220 Ton x 6m Press Brake - LVD PPEB 170 Ton x 3m Press Brake - LVD 3m x 6mm Guillotine

Pearson 8' x 1/8" Guillotine - Edwards 2m Straight Folder - Meritus Spot Welder -

APR 1300mm x 120mm Power Bending Rolls Year 2013 - Safan E Brake 100 Ton x 3m Year 2015

Amada Togu Tool Grinder - Safan CNCL 110 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake

Pemserter PS 4 - Edwards VR 3m x 6mm Guillotine + Rear Supports - Morgan 120 Ton x 3m Press Brake

Amada HFE 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake - Pearson Guillotines 3m x 10mm and 2500mm x 10mm - Bridgeport Mill -

AMOB 90mm Mandrel Tube Bender - Safan VS 2500mm x 4mm Guillotine - K B 50 Ton x 2500 mm Press Brake -

Ercolina Tube Bender - Haeger Insert Press - Colchester Student 1800 Lathe - LVD 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake -

Boschert Corner Notcher - Selection of Bending Rolls - Cut Off Saws - Pierce All Punch Presses - Amada 3m x 6mm Guillotine

Trumpf Tru Punch 2020 + Load Year 2010 - Amada ITPS 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake - Axeminster Pillar Drill -

Promecam RG 25 12 Press Brake - Promecam RG 35 Ton x 25mm Press Brake - Adira 60 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake -

Edwards 100 Ton x 3m and 4m Press Brake - Durma AD R 135Ton x 3m Press Brake - Sahinler 3m Bending Rolls -

Bystronic Laser Year 2016


Our stock includes 44 Press Brakes, 5 Lathes, 16 Guillotines, 7 Milling Machines, 2 Grindingmaster Linishers, 4 Steelworkers,

9 Sets of Bending Rolls etc, so please contact us with your enquiry.


We have several ongoing factory clearance sites at present, which include all types of factory equipment and miscellaneous items - let us know if you are looking for a particular item.


Machines for Sale or Part Exchange? - We are always looking to add to our stock, so email any items that you would like us to value.


New Machinery - We supply many New Machines from Press Brakes, Guillotines, Fibre Lasers, Bending Rolls, Box and Pan Folders, Saws, Punch Presses  to Vanco Linishers and we are importers and agents for Boschert Corner Notchers and associated products.


May 2019 - Examples of recent stock - please see Categories on the left - 

more purchases to be added -


   LVD PPEB 220 Ton x 6m Multi Axis Press Brake
        Ventus Bead Blast Cabinet and Extractor
Safan VS 2550mm x 6mm Guillotine
Eckold KF 665 Kraftformer
Pearson 100 Ton x 3m Press Brake
Morgan 3m x 6mm Guillotine
Esprit Arrow Plasma
          Amada HFE 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake
                  Morgan 120 Ton x 3m Press Brake
    LVD PPEB 80 Ton x 2500mm Press Brake Year 2004
Bystronic EP 160 Ton x 3m Press Brake
Edwards Pearson VR 3m x 6mm Guillotine
                         Kondia Milling Machine
                   AMOB MB 90 mm Mandrel Tube Bender

 LVD PPEB 80Ton x 2500mm Press Brake
Eckold Tooling